Legend of Korra Book 3 rewrite

Mike the tophat hoarder
3 min readSep 3, 2020


So doing an analysis of all the seasons of Korra one book at a time. Going to be spoilers. Up to Book 3 now.

I feel like the writers this time had more clout or something since they are getting riskier with their plots and story. While this season has a lot of good ideas and characters I felt like they just threw caution to the wind and just let things happen.


This section is going to be more shorter since a lot of issues are ongoing from books 1 and 2. So things just happen again, random people get air bending powers. A whole lot of death in this season.

There was too many sub plots going around and not enough time spent with each one. Zaheer’s story and the story of the red lotus seem to have been pulled out of thin air. Like where were they during the civil war? How about Amon I think he could have used their help since they kind of want the same thing. Like they show that Zaheer has followers i.e. Red Lotus but they only seem to be there for the plot.

The whole traitor sub plot was cool in the beginning but we never got to find out why. It just seemed like a easy segway for Zaheer to show up. The traitor also just gets killed so we never find out more about him.

When does Korra learn more Air bending? I guess it’s implied that she did a few more sessions with Tenzin but he actually leaves off with his own subplot midway.

Speaking of the cast we learn more about Tenzin, Lin, etc than we do about say Mako and Asami. Like it’s cool to learn about the kids of old team avatar but at the expense of current team avatar.


The fights were pretty much the best in the entire series. The villains are well designed and had a pretty cool story. I like all the set ups for the next season. I guess the writers actually grew a backbone since we never saw any kind of set up before.


I guess we start with not killing off the villains again. Have Korra face off against all four of them. I mean the closest we get is Tenzin fighting them off but he’s not the main character. Mako and Bolin helping out is nice but I find it hard to believe that they could beat two of them in a fight. I mean they were trained killers and got bested by street kids.

Also Mako casually killing Ming Hua felt too out of character. Introducing Kuvira works but we don’t know anything about her to matter. It seemed like she was a last minute addition to the cast and book 4. I would have wrote Kuvira way earlier seem interacting with the gang and Suyin. I mean we see her heel turn and defeat all in the next book. At least this way we can get to know the character more.

We are dropping the subplot where Zaheer goes to the air temple in disguise. There was no point in that. Also Zaheer’s whole plan needs to be changed. He just wants to kill the Avatar plain and simple. His talk with Korra hinted at more than that, it didn’t. Also would have loved to see Amon’s gang come over. Their goals pretty much inline in defeating the avatar.

Was Amon’s equalists only in Republic city? Like they could have been in the Earth kingdom as well. Also introducing the Red Lotus soldiers earlier so when Zaheer tells us about them it doesn’t feel like out of nowhere. Like why do they only show up when he tells us? They could have been useful earlier in the escape of his other friends.


While still plagued with problems from the previous seasons I do think during the time the writers actually had more of a plan then before. This season was still good I just wished it was more fleshed out and some sub plots were more important. Also why was Jinora suddenly the focus? She saves Korra twice and gets a complete arc. I mean I liked her character but it felt like her getting the spotlight put our main leads on the side line. But overall great just in the wrong characters.