Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited episode 11 spoilers

Mike the tophat hoarder
3 min readSep 26, 2020


So wow just twist after twist this final episode.

Apparently it was the Butler and grandma after all. And they were keeping the new element for themselves because it’s an allegory for Nuclear power blah blah etc.

His dad is still alive after all but in a comatose state.

Not the big blow out people were expecting. And in a weird way the status quo is still on. Kambe goes back to working with Kato. Didn’t seem like the world changed all that much due to the new tech that was leaked.

They gave Kato a power suit now. And they never really addressed his PTSD. About that I never really got the trauma when he shot that women. She was a hidden accomplice but her actions were a bit strange.

So in Japan getting a gun is almost impossible. That’s kind of why all the criminals had fakes in the show.

In the case when Kato shot that woman I don’t know why she thought to point the gun at him? I guess for the plot. But realistically it wasn’t worth getting shot at. The plan failed there was no way she could have saved it. The guy was already shot, she should have just let it go. He was only shot in the arm. Which is more restraint than cops here in the United States.

Also Suzue kind of got left out of the action. That first case was the only time she got to go out in the field and done stuff. It seemed the writers didn’t know what to do with her and just left her as the gal in the chair.

Kind of a sudden turn when they killed secondary characters off and never did it again.

Over all it was entertaining but kind of shallow. It was more of a reckless cop batman fighting crime. But does it say anything about spending unlimited money like maybe there should be more morality or something? Nope. Kato just plays along and gets a power suit in the end.

I mean the show doesn’t have to be about something bigger but it sure does feel empty. There was no failure for our leads at all. Since the Butler wouldn’t kill them and Kambe still has money.

There was one episode where Kambe didn’t have his money but it seemed like he didn’t learn anything from it.